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Ben Lee - Daisy (Chord)
Submitter: bonzaboy (0) on 10/21/08
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 1,638
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D                              C
I didn't see it coming, I just thought that you were friendly,
    G                            D
But here we are passionately embraced.
I suppose its kinda funny, but its also kinda scary,
          G                                  D      Dsus2
that your kiss brought back a feeling I'd erased.
           D                    Dsus2       C
though you said that you were lonely, and I said I thought you would be,
         G                        D      Dsus2 
then you took me to a darker holy place.
           D                     Dsus2        C
And then I said I'd like to kiss you, and you said you'd love to kiss me,
     G                                  D
then kissed the sweetest kiss I'll ever taste.

         A                                 G                          D  Dsus2  D  Dsus2
Cos' I've known you for an hour, but you're growing like a flower in me.
     A                               G                            D      Dsus2  D  Dsus2
I've known you for a lifetime, or we're sole mates from a past life daisy.

        D                            C
its all mixed with indecision, and a painful soulful spilling,
   G                            D
of everything I've ever felt or known.
And you know that there all looking, so you kiss me even harder,
     G                                D     Dsus2
then hold me and i just feel right at home.
       D                    Dsus2     C
You're touch is soft and tender, so i raise my flag surrender,
     G                           D      Dsus2
Then say i feel you staring at my soul.
       D                      Dsus2         C
And it makes them all feel awkward, but our time here's more important,
      G                                 D
So we sink into our closed high painful hole.

I'm scared of what will happen, so I kiss you say I'll call you,
       G                             D
Then i tell you so much i don't understand.
Then you kiss me with an answer, and my question seems invalid,
      G                                 D  Dsus2
And I go to bed with daisies in my hand.
  D                     Dsus2       C
I call you there's no answer, but i know I'll have to see you,
     G                                 D    Dsus2
so i call and call and call and call again.
        D               Dsus2        C
But you never get my message, or you choose not to return it.
            G                                     D
Because you shouldn't, need it, wouldn't, or just can.

    A                              G                            D   Dsus2 D Dsus2
I'm lonely and I love you, for the moment that is what's true in me.
    A                             G                      D    Dsus2 D Dsus2
I've known you now forever, joined at the soul together daisy.

       D                           C
There'll be no way to avoid you, when i see you in the movies,
      G                                      D
And I realise right now you're not here with me.
     D                          C
If I see you in my lifetime, if again I feel you kiss me.
    G                                    D    Dsus2
I suppose that I'll just have to wait and see.
        D                     Dsus2       C 
but for now I'll just be grateful, to be touched by such an angel
    G                          D    Dsus2
And put it down as life experience.
       D                 Dsus2        C
And my muse is just a daisy, with the most beautiful nature,
     G                              D
Will one day fall back in my flower bed.

      A                              G                              D  Dsus2 Dsus2 D Dsus2
And i know you said you love me, and that's the only memory left for me.
      A                               G                       D  Dsus2 D Dsus2 
cos i need you more than ever, joined at the soul together daisy. Daisy. Daisy 
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