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James Blundell - Postcards From Saigon (Chord)
Submitter: shaneshaw (4) on 6/13/05 2 comments
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(for the vocalists the ^ before a line is where the line is sung 1 octave
 above in the same key.)

INTRO: F   C   G   X 2

(F) My brother (C) had a (G) dream
(F) My brother (C) wore the jungle (G) green
^ (F) My brother (C) went to (G) Vietnam
(F) For Harold (C) Holt and Uncle (G) Sam
(F) He sent post (C) cards from (G) Saigon
^ (F) Iím alright (C) but itís all (G) wrong
(F) Three post (C) cards from (G) Saigon

(F) My brother (C) kissed the face of (G) death
^ (F) My brother (C) drew the deepest (G) breath
(F) His best friend (C) faded in his (G) arms
(F) He felt (C) guilty coming (G) home
^ (F) He sent post (C) cards from (G) Saigon
^ (F) Iím alright (C) but itís all (G) wrong
(F) Three post (C) cards from (G) Saigon
^ (F) In the killing (C) fields the bullets (G) sing
^ (F) "Purple (C) haze" in the pouring (G) rain
^ (F) Itís a military tat (C) too come from (G) Abel and Cain
Why must (Bb) history (C) repeat itself (D) time and time again?

(F) My brother (C) divorced and re (G) married
^ (F) One son (C) up but two mis (G) carried
(F) Can you (C) help to ease the (G) pain?
(F) Close the (C) circle make him (G) whole again
^ (F) Get to (C) know him by his (G) name
(F) Close the (C) circle bring him (G) home again
(F) He sent post (C) cards from (G) Saigon
(F) Three post (C) cards from (G) Saigon

Please enjoy this is a great song. 
Thank you to all the Vietnam vetrans. 
Welcome home. You deserve your place in history. 
It's the politicians that don't deserve anything.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
It's about time I heard someone else with a bit of sense. I'm not yet 30 and can't stand hearing the horrible stories of shame and rejection the boys faced when they come home. They're only doing their job. Like you said, it's the polly's, if anyone who should have been blamed. You know it was 20 years after Vietnam finished before the returned soldiers from that war were recognised by the R.S.L. Makes you sick hey!!!
-tojoh | 8/6/2005
I couldn't agree with you more mate.
the Bastard politicians, I wonder how many
of their sons and daughters and how many of them
went over there. You will find all of them
dodged the draft by going to uni. However at the time they didn't want to go
so that was their decision,
I dont blame people for not wanting to go but
i am sick of the people who treated the poor soldiers
the way they did. the same will happen with the iraq war too.
-shaneshaw | 8/6/2005
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