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John Williamson - Purple Roses (Chord)
Submitter: WayneXG95 (15) on 4/20/04 1 comment
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Purple Roses - John Williamson

Capo on the 3rd Fret
as John plays it on the Video Clip
or move it up a fret ot two to match the key of your voice

Enjoy, It's a Classic!

G    Am7    C  D  G

There's a rose bush in the garden

Been there since I was born

     C              D             G
That celebrates its age without fear

I touch the velvet petals

And smell the breath of angels

    C               D           G
And pick the purple roses every year 

G                                               Am7
Now you think you're passed your prime my sweet woman

     C                D       G
Your use-by date is faded and grey

G                                       Am7
But sad and sorry thoughts like that my darlin'

   C               D      G
Is throwin' purple roses away 

(Same chords through the rest of the verses)

You're tired of pretending that you're younger
When gravity is real and here to stay
So you wear your clothes more easily for comfort
You used to be too skinny anyway 

Now you're looking in the mirror
A picture of your Mother
But you don't see the woman that I see
Denying grace and pride the good Lord gave you
Is throwin' purple roses away 

Yeah, sad and sorry thoughts like that my darlin'
Is throwin' purple roses away
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When your playing this song with the capo on the 1st fret the verse goes Bm, D, A, E not Bm, F#m, A, E. It makes sense to play this with the capo on 1 because if you play it on 3 you can't get as good sounding a D as you do with the capo on 1.
-reverett30 | 12/20/2004
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