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Lee Kernaghan - Western Star (Chord)
Submitter: axehappy (0) on 7/22/02
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Lee Kernaghan  -  Western Star

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

This song is fingerpicked throughout, but there is too much there to be bothered
tabbing out, so I'd suggest you use your own style of picking or just strum the
The chords used in this song are perfect for fingerpicking anyway, so you shouldn't
have too much trouble coming up with something... ;o)

Am     =   x02210                                   D     =   xx0232

G      =   320003                                   G/F#  =   2x0003

E      =   022100                                   C     =   x32010

Em     =   022000                                   C/B   =   x2x010

Gsus   =   320013


Am  D  G  G/F#  E  C  D  G

      C             D
On my blanket I was lyin',
G            G/F#    Em
Too tired to lift my head.
        C                 D
And the long, hot day was dyin',
And I wished I was dead.
         C                 D
From the west the gold was driven,
      G           G/F#     Em
And I watched the death of day.
And the distant stars in heaven,
Seemed to draw my heart away.

      C  C/B  Am   D                G    G/F#  Em
Those western stars at the death of day,
              Am   D               G    Gsus  G
Those western stars draw my heart away.

Am  D  G  G/F#  Em  Am  D  G  Gsus  G
INSTRUMENTAL (repeat x3)

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