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Missy Higgins - Greed For Your Love (Chord)
Submitter: sarah-lou (1) on 7/23/04 1 comment
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Missy Higgins - Greed for your Love

plz note: during verses 
during the Em 
bottom E string repeats this sequence
0 	 3 	 2 	 0 	 2 	 0 	 3 	 5 	 2

during the Am
the B string alternates btween C  and  D

Bursting with blood my fingertips pulse. 
Am 	  	  	  	  	      Em
You didnít forget least immediately. 
So here I will hover and feed off your love, 
Iíll listen from the middle instead of above. 
Am 	  	  	  	  	  	  	 C
Will you fill up my wounds with your styrofoam blood until I forget? 


Em      D      Am      Em      D          Am
Greed for your loveÖ I bleed through this glove. 
            Em              D                  Am  	 
So whyís it aching when Iím laughing at the world? 
Em    D        Am
Greed for your loveÖ 

A quote and a question on a screen suppressed. 
Am 	  	  	  	  	 Em
I know itís not right Ďcause itís a second impression. 
But Iíd rather I taste my desires of Earth 
and fill my mind with jewels for all they are worth 
than discover a diamond decays to a rock 
and time doesnít turn. 


              C  D Em 	         C 	   D  Em
ĎCause who are you...  yeah who are you...
                   C  D   Em
to tell me what to do? 
C 	 D 	 Em 	   C    D 	   Em
I will unwrap him just like a present 
             C     D   Em 	        C 	    D 	 
and I will discard him just when I want to 
no chord
thank you. 

Chorus twice

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good tab.. I gave you a 9 cause your missing the chords after she says thank you.
-EMRLDEYZS | 12/19/2004
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