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Paul Kelly - Little Aches And Pain (Chord)
Submitter: johnrcash1 (3) on 12/9/15
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Little Aches and Pains (Tram Session version)
Paul Kelly with Dan Kelly


F#m(open): 044200
E:         022100
A (open):  077600
G#m (open):066400
C#m (open):x06650
B (open):  099800

Intro:(Play twice) F#m  E  F#m  E

Verse 1:
F#m             E     F#m                 E
Thanks for your letter your kind words of comfort
F#m          E              A
It's good to hear from you again
F#m       E   F#m       E
I'm going ok, taking it day by day
F#m                E            A  B
You know what they say can't complain
F#m                              E
It's just these little aches and pains
          A G#m  F#m  
I got 'em always now
Sunshine or rain.
F#m  E  
Verse 2:
F#m             E     F#m     E
Must be nice out there on the river
F#m         E                   A
Maybe I can visit, haven't had a trip in a while
F#m                  E  
There's nothing much keeping me here
F#m  ,         E  
I see the gang maybe once or twice a year
F#m                E,                     A
You and me can walk a rambling country mile
F#m                             E
Test out these little aches and pains
     A   G#m  F#m
When all else goes
They remain.

Bridge: F#m (slide to) G#m (slide to) B  (C#m B A) (C#m B A) A 

Verse 3:
F#m           E    F#m         E
Disable we're born, disable we die
F#m           E  
Is that a cliché, I'll make it one
Hope it doesn't get too creaky
F#m       E                    F#m             E
I have found that what you don't know will hurt you
F#m          E               A
What doesn't kill you makes you weaker
F#m                         E
Leaves you little aches and pains
         A G#m  F#m
I got em always now
Sunshine or rain
F#m                         E
Oooh these little aches and pains
        A     G#m       F#m
I don't count my losses now,
           E (end with one slow strum)
Just my gains. 
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