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Paul Kelly - One More Tune (Chord)
Submitter: johnrcash1 (3) on 1/10/12
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One More Tune
by Paul Kelly
(All chords are played open, as if playing a bar chord, 
but only fretting the A,D & G strings, 
similar to How to Make Gravy)

[E]   [F#m]  [E]  [F#m]

[E]        [F#m]    [E]     [F#m]
Night is turning into morning
[E]             [F#m]      [E]    [F#m]
This shindig's winding down
[E]             [F#m]     [E]             [F#m]
The cops have been and the cops have gone
[E]             [F#m]        [E]
Somebody didn't like our sound
[B]            [A]                          [B]
Now all this fuss has come down to just us
                        [A]     [E]
Singing softly inside a room
[F#m]           [E]          [F#m]
    Won't you stay now?
      [E]    [F#m]      [E]     [F#m]
Let's play one more tune
[E]        [F#m]      [E]         [F#m]      
Martin's sleeping, we won't wake him
[E]        [F#m]      [E]      [F#m]
 Nothing could do now
[E]      [F#m]    [E]              [F#m]     [E]
He and Ruby've sure has some doozies
         [F#m]     [E]
But never such a row
[B]               [A]
Blame it on the bottle
   [B]               [A]     [E]   [F#m]    [E]
Or blame it on the moon
[F#m]         [E]           [F#m]
Oh come on, stay with me
    [E]       [F#m]        [E]
And play just one more tune

[G#m]      [A]     [G#m]      [A]     [G#m]
Close we huddle to keep warm
             [A]     [G#m]             [A]     [B]    [A]   [B]  [E]
So frail our candle, so strong the storm
[F#m]   [E]  [F#m]  [E]  [F#m]  [E]   [B]
        [A]                   [B]
I can't do this on my own
                             [A]       [E]
Make the sounds that make me swoon
[F#m]       [E]                 [F#m]
    Please stay for a while
[E]            [F#m]        [E]           
Make me smile one more tune
[B]                [A]              
Every cup, every glass is empty
          [B]                [A]     [E]
If you go now it'll be too soon
[F#m]          [E]         [F#m]
   Won't you stay here
    [E]     [F#m]        [E]     [F#m]
And play me one more tune?
[E]      [F#m]         [E]     [F#m]
Come on, won't you stay
    [E]     [F#m]             [E]
And slay me with one more tune 
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