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Paul Kelly - Stolen Apples Taste The Sweetest (Chord)
Submitter: johnrcash1 (3) on 10/21/09
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By Paul Kelly
(Live version At Empire Theatre Toowoomba)

Bm                      A
Stolen apples taste the sweetest
Bm                      A        G
See them hanging in the pale moonlight
Bm                            A
You won't feel those cuts and bruises
Bm                        A            G      E
As you reach out for your prize in the night
    D                 C                    Bm    
And pluck it down and take that very first bite

 Bm                    A
"Don't tell anyone our secrets"
Bm                     A       G
Said the farmer to his darling wife
 Bm                         A
"There are some here in the district
Bm                      A           G         E
Not so happy with their lot in this mean, old life.
     D                     C                  Bm
Now, sweetheart, won't you pass me the paring knife"

A             G
Stolen apples, plucked down in their prime
A                     G
Stolen apples, hanging heavy on my mind
G (Tacet)           Bm  A
heavy on  heavy on my mind
  Bm  A       Bm  A
my mind  on my mind

Bm  A  Bm  A  Bm  A  Bm  A (Lead Break)

Bm                     A
Eve called Adam in the garden
 Bm (tacet)                                              G
"Hey Ad, come over here and look at these, won't you try some?"
 Bm                               A
"Oh, no" said Adam "Ain't that forbidden!"
"Oh come on now, baby" said Eve, "What could be wrong,
A                             G          E
What could be wrong with just one little one?"
D               C                     Bm
So Adam bit and cried out "That's the bomb! That's the bomb!"

Bm                      A
Stolen apples taste the sweetest (repeat sixt imes)
Bm (tacet)
Stolen apples taste the sweetest
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