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Paul Kelly - Stories Of Me (Chord)
Submitter: johnrcash1 (4) on 9/17/14
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 3,659
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Stories of Me

G  D Em  G  D  Em

Ever since you said goodbye
      G     D      Em
 I've had a reputation

 I'm not drinking on the sly
 G       D      Em
 I'm the star attraction
 G             D
 Every morning I wake up
 Am              C            Em
 Fill my cup and listen bitterly
    G    D     Em   G   D   Em
 To stories of me 

They say a man is going 'round
    G       D        Em
 He looks a lot like me

 They say that man is going down
      G       D      Em
 It's looking pretty likely
 G            D
 Every morning he wakes
 Am                C              Em
 Fills his cup and listens shamefully
    G   D      Em  
 To stories of me 
D             Em
Everybody come on down
 D                Em
 Set 'em up and pass 'em round
D           Em  G         D
 We're all here for a drowning 
Bm  Em  C  Bm  Em  C  Bm  Em  C  A6  A6sus A6

I was down at Baker's Hall
   G         D    Em
 I heard somebody talking

 That's the last thing I recall
 G       D         Em
 Then my mind went walking
 G                D       
 I woke up with a heavy head
 Am            C            Em
 On a hard bed trying to believe
       G   D      Em
 These stories of me
      G              D
 Yeah I woke up in a stranger's bed
 Am                  C                  Em
 Wondering about the things she said to me
       G   D      Em
 These stories of me 
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