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Paul Kelly - They Thought I Was Asleep (Chord)
Submitter: johnrcash1 (3) on 10/17/09 2 comments
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They thought I was asleep by Paul Kelly
(Capo 2nd fret)

We were driving back from the country one night
                                         G       Am
Mum and Dad up the front and the rest of snug in tight
My kid brother grizzled for a little minute 
                                              G  Am
'til my big sister told him he better quit it or die
It had been a long day in the countryside
Playing with my cousins on my mother's side
C                                  G                                      Am
Sound of the radio closed our eyes drifting across the seat then I fell asleep
C 	  	  	  	  	  	  	   G       Am
I don't know what woke me up, maybe a country song or a big truck passing by
But I could hear Mumma and Pappa talking.
                                 G      Am
Pappa said something and Mumma began to cry
F 	  	  	       Dm
No more words then, just soft sobs and my head began to throb
C 	  	  	G
I just lay there playing dog breathing slow and deep
                   Am   F   G 	  	 Am
They thought I was asleep  They thought I was asleep

C     G Am  
C     G Am  
F   G   Am  
F   G   Am

Well it seemed like forever till the sobbing stopped 
 	  	  	  	       G    Am
Then they talked for a little but just too soft to hear
Daddy kept looking at the side of her face 
                                   G          Am
One hand on the wheel and one hand stroking her hair
The headlights shining from the other way 
Showed tears on the cheeks of Daddy's face
I prayed to Jesus to send his grace 
    G                                  Am
And all our souls to keep, back then I believed
F     G             Am
  They thought I was asleep
F   G                Am
  The night was dark and deep
F     G         C
  How I wish I was asleep 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I cant hear the G in the C G Am progression. Is it not just C then Am?
-bledrin | 3/12/2013
That G is probably more like a "walk down". Is that what its called? Excuse my complete ignorance of musical terminology, but it's a pretty common and cool sounding move: from the C position slide your ring finger back from 3rd to 2nd fret, remaining on the same string (so where that it would be in a conventional G) remove your middle finger, index finger stays put... its maybe like a Cm7 shape?... this gets played only one beat before moving straight to Am.

Paul Kelly plays it finger style, so the bottom two strings are being alternated as the bass notes and you just hear a nice bass walk down from C to Am.
-lucquardo | 10/27/2013
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