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Slim Dusty - End Of The Pub (Chord)
Submitter: shaneshaw (3) on 12/12/03
Month Views: 18 | Total Views: 3,327
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intro: 	 D 	 G 	 E7 	 A7 	 D

D 	  	  	  	  	 A7
Oh the dingoes are howling with the hiccups tonight
Out where the tall timbers wave
 	  	  	   G 	  	 E7
The swagman are having a real old time jag
 	      A7 	  	  	  	 D
Round the campfire they rant and they rave
Stockmen and drovers and jackaroos too
    E7 	  	  	    A 	 
Are in town tonight for a spree
 	  	  	  	 D 	 B7
The publican reckons they're suffered enough
 	  E7 	  	  	  A7
So he's turning the beer on for free


The swaggy came in with a smile on his face
And asked for a splash in the can
The boss shouted out to the barman at work
fill up that jug for the man
He grabbed up the tankard and swallowed the lot
And then put both hands to his side
But he just couldn't take it
The shock was too gret
He fell on the floor there and died

Old billy the blacksmith is with us no more
He's sleeping the sleep of the just
He hid in the cellar the day the beer came
And went on a glorious bust
He drank a nine gallon 'twixt dark and the dawn
And then staggered home to his wife
As he fell in the kitchen she picked up the gun
And so ended the old feller's life

We laid him to rest where the stringybarks waved
In the cemetry down by the creek
And then rolled a few barrels down to his grave
And went on the binge for a week
When the last keg was emptied
We wrote on a cross for strangers to read as they passed
Here lies the old blacksmith he died as he lived
Full as a boot to the last

Now in those dull days when the pubs had no beer
I started to save up my pelt
Now the beer's flowing freely I'm like all the rest
Back in the doghouse myself
Oh the dogs round the pubs
Now are all sleek and fat
They lollip around at their ease
Where all they once got was a kick in the ribs
Some pubs now have planted them trees

Oh it's lonesome out there in the spare room at night
And although I know it sounds queer
But I'd rather be there with my headaches and all
E7 	 A7 	  	      D 	 G 	 D 	 
Than a bar of a pub with no beer
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