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Slim Dusty - We've Done Us Proud (Chord)
Submitter: browntrout (6) on 12/11/03
Month Views: 87 | Total Views: 21,072
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Written by
Graeme Connors


 NC             C
We've done us proud to come this far
                  F                 C
Down through the years to where we are
Side by side hand in hand
We've lived and died

For this great land
We've done us proud

  NC          C  F              C
I sailed the seas in search of freedom
I tilled the soil for seed to grow
             C                  F
I built the fences to hold the cattle
             C   G              C
I mined the earth in search of gold

 NC            C   F           C
I sheared the sheep of golden fleeces
I formed the union to win fair pay
           C                     F
I built a railroad to cross the country
           C  G                 C
I fought a war for my countrys sake


Change key to D
   NC     D  G              D
I kept a home and raised a family
I taught your children as if my own
            D                   G
I painted pictures to show the beauty
             D    A              D
I wrote the stories to keep the flame

Chorus (STAY IN D)

Cange key to E

 NC             E
(We've done us proud) I worked the factory

(To come this far) I worked the land
(two hundred years) I built the houses
(To where we are) I baked the plan  

(Side by Side) I drive the highway

(Hand in Hand) I right the wrong
(We've lived and died) I reach for glory

(For this great land) I sing the songs
We've done us proud

(To come this far) To come this far
(Two hundred years) Two hundred years
(To where we are) To where we are

(Side by side) Side by side

(Hand in Hand) Hand in Hand
(We've lived and died) We've lived and died

(For this great land) For this great land
We've done us proud

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