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Stevie Wright - Evie - Part II (Evie) (Chord)
Submitter: waynusofuranus (62) on 4/4/05
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Evie - Part II (Evie)
Written by Harry Vanda and George Young

4 beats per chord
(Capo at fourth fret)


C  Fmaj7  (four times)

C   Fmaj7            G/B        Gm/Bb
Evie  there seems so much to say  but if you
F/A                F/A                  E7sus4  E7
Know me well you'd understand the way I do
C   Fmaj7       G/B       Gm/Bb
Evie  must be a better way  to say
F/A                F                      E7sus4  E7
  The things I feel  the love I only know with you   but I

Am                                  G6             F  Dm
Don't know what it is that makes me feel the way I do   ooh-ooh-ooh
C/G  F/G                   E7sus4  E7
Evie   I'm nothing without you    (ritard)

VERSE:  (a tempo)
C   Fmaj7        G/B         Gm/Bb
Evie  the sun is shining down  my eyes are
F/A        F                   E7sus4  E7
Open now I see so much I never knew
C   Fmaj7     G/B          Gm/Bb
Evie  I wanna thank you now  for giving
F/A              F                     E7sus4  E7
Me this child so much a part of me and you       oh I

Am                                  G6             F  Dm
Don't know what it is that makes me feel the way I do   oh-hoh-oh-oh
C/G  F/G          C/G  F/G
Evie   oh-hoh-woh Evie   oh
C/G  F/G              E7sus4    E7
Evie   so much in love  with you


    C  Fmaj7  G/B  Gm/Bb  F/A  F  E7sus4  E7  Am  G6  Dm  C/G  F/G

The capo is used to mimic the piano and strings voicings on solo guitar.
The changes are much smoother than using barre chords in the key of E.

The  Gm/Bb  chord sounds a little weird on the recording because
the low D on the piano (Bm/D) is tuned slightly flat!

Vocal melody sings the fourth (C) against the G6 chord.

Waynus Of Uranus
April 2005
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