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the loved ones - Sad Dark Eyes (Chord)
Submitter: aussief (8) on 4/29/19
Month Views: 2 | Total Views: 773
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Words and Music by Kim Lynch, Treva Richards,
   Gerry Humphries, Rob Lovett and Gavin Anderson.

Am Am7 C Fmaj7 Am G C D Dm E7

Am  G  C   D
I look at you
         Dm   E7   Am
And your sad dark eyes
          G  C   D
And your gypsy face
           Dm  E7  Am
With your Spanish grace
           G      C   D
With your words like rhymes
          Dm    E7   Am  Am7 C  Fmaj7    Am C Am
And your voice like chi--i --i--imes

Am       G   C   D
Baby, I want to kiss
     Dm  E7   Am
Your burning mouth
      G   C    D
Your sad dark eyes
      Dm    E7   Am
Your ghost-like soul
          G C   D
Darling , baby say
      Dm    E7  Am Am7 C Fmaj7 Am  Am7  C  Fmaj7    Am  C  Am
That you'll be  mi--i--i--i-----i--i----i---ine   

        Am           E7
Put my rings on your finger
     Am   G    F   Dm  E7     G  E7
And comb your long red hair
    Am       E7
Put on your black hat
     Am  G   F   Dm   E7
And tell me that you care
     G     E7  Am
And you'll be mine
You'll be mine
  Am   G   F  Dm  E7
Until the end of time
          G  E7 Am Am7  C  Fmaj7
Till the end of ti--i --i --ime
Am Am7  C   Fmaj7 Am  Am7 C  Fmaj7     Am  C  Am
Ti--i --i --ime   Ti--i --i --ime

An F. K. Tab,,,, Enjoy!!!!!

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